Current Instructor Vacancies

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  • Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps, Maxwell AFB, AL
Please read all of this information before viewing the current vacancy list.
AN APPROVED APPLICATION IS REQUIRED:  You must have an approved instructor application on file before you can request to be referred to any school with a posted vacancy.  If you do not yet have an approved instructor application with AFJROTC, please return to the Instructors menu to view the application process. Keep in mind, the vacancy lists are updated frequently.  Please be aware that any vacancy may be filled at any time. 
APPLICATION DECISION TIMELINE: Applications can take up to 21 days to be approved from the date the application package is submitted.  There are multiple steps to getting an application approved, and Headquarters AFJROTC will be in touch with all new applicants to guide them in the process. Watch your email (including junk mail) often. New applications are processed in the order they are received.
BEING REFERRED TO A SCHOOL:  Please do not contact any school about AFJROTC employment until you are officially referred by Headquarters AFJROTC as a qualified candidate.  If it is determined that a particular individual is circumventing this official process, it can be viewed as an attempt to gain an unfair advantage over others, and that applicant may be rendered ineligible for that vacancy.  Headquarters AFJROTC reserves the right to make that determination.
Approved applicants are only referred to schools of their choosing.  Headquarters AFJROTC performs the official referral via email.  The school and the candidate receive an email notification of the official referral and relevant contact information (email and phone) is shared.  At that point, it is time for the candidate to reach out to the school to find out about any local application requirements and interview timelines.
All approved applicants who request to be referred to a school with a posted vacancy will be referred (unless the vacancy gets filled first).  Referrals may not be immediate, if the school is normally competitive and other interested candidates are expected.  
Vacancies that receive four or more interested candidates in a short time may be removed from the vacancy list without notice, so all current candidates can be referred.  This is done so a school is not overwhelmed by a large number of candidates to interview at one time.  For example, San Antonio, TX schools are very popular and normally very competitive. 
For harder to fill locations, qualified candidates may be referred to a school immediately upon request, with the vacancy will remaining posted.
ARE THERE ANY UPCOMING VACANCIES IN A CERTAIN AREA?  No vacancies are hidden. We post all actual or pending vacancies as soon as we know of them.  If a school is not listed as having a vacancy, that means we do not yet know of a vacancy at that school.  Vacancies are removed from the listing once we simultaneously refer four or more candidates, or the school has made a hiring decision.
WHAT ABOUT DODDS SCHOOLS?  AFJROTC instructor positions in DODDS schools are restricted to experienced AFJROTC instructors only (current and/or prior instructors who are in good standing).  Ref: AFJROTCI 36-2010, Chapter 17.
HOW MANY SCHOOLS CAN I BE REFERRED TO AT ONCE? Approved applicants may volunteer for up to four schools at once.  Please do not request referral to a particular school unless you are available and willing to travel to the school for an interview (if necessary).  Any expenses for an interview are at the applicant’s expense.  Applicants who are nominated, but fail to contact the school or fail to appear for a scheduled interview may be withdrawn from further hiring consideration.
HIRING SEASON IS ALL YEAR: Vacancies are filled throughout the calendar year.  Even though a school is advertised as having a vacancy, this could change if the school makes a hiring decision. It is important that anyone interested in a particular school focus first on getting their application approved, then seeing what vacancies are available.
INTERVIEW TIPS:  Be punctual!  Wear your service dress uniform during the interview.  Be genuine in every way.  All the school knows about you is your name, so everything you provide, say, and do will be part of your interview.  Headquarters AFJROTC does not provide any of your application documents to the school.  Therefore, if you want to present any documentation, it is up to you.
If you have read all of the above, please proceed to the current vacancy list(s).
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