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Tech. Sgt. Josh Yarbrough (right), a parachute rigger from the 920th Rescue Wing, helps Staff Sgt. Rich Boyd, a 308th Rescue Squadron pararescueman, pack his parachute after a static line jump in Comox Valley, Canada, July 20, 2012. Pararescuemem from the 308th Rescue Squadron, part of the 920th RQW at Patrick Air Force Base, Fla., participates in three exercises with Canadian search-and-rescue personnel annually. (U.S. Air Force photo/Staff Sgt. Anna-Marie Wyant) Rescue Airmen embrace partnership with Canadian comrades during summer search-and-rescue training
Airmen from the 920th Rescue Wing are proud to do the things they must do, "that others may live." However, they are not the only military search-and-rescue personnel who live--and possibly even die--by this motto.Approximately 30 Airmen from the 920th RQW at Patrick Air Force Base, Fla., traveled to Canada July 15-22 to train alongside and
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Wounded Angels, from left, Master Sgt. Frankie X. Reilly, Staff Sgts. Scott Bilyeu and Jimmy Settle took a break during a hike on Mount Hood, Ore. The three participated in a weeklong healing retreat on Mount Hood that was geared to connect injured Rescue Airmen July 22. (U.S. Air Force photo/Tech Sgt. Peter Dean) Wounded Angels find solace at 6,000 feet
Countless people have experienced the peaceful serenity that can be found at the Cloud Cap Inn, Mount Hood, Ore. But for most, the road that brought them to this magical place didn't begin in Afghanistan while being ejected from an HH-60G Pave Hawk helicopter as it tumbled down a mountainside. Staff Sgt. Scott Bilyeu, a medically retired active
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ANCHORAGE, Alaska - Air Force Reserve pararescuemen (PJs) from the 920th Rescue Wing, Master Sgt. Joe Traska and Tech. Sgt. Wes Hufnagel, hone their cold-weather rescue skills in Alaska Dec 11-18. The PJs must be able to save a life under any circumstance, whether it be under enemy fire, or on a side of an ice-encased mountain side.  The training was two-fold: the PJs perfected their cold-weather skills and they trained side-by-side with their Reserve counterparts, the 212th Rescue Squadron based in Anchorage. The Reserve Airmen are part of the Guardian Angel Weapons System which is formed by the make up of the PJ and two other closely related Air Force specialties: one being, the survival, evasion, resistance and escape specialists, and the other being, combat rescue officers. These men provide the capability to execute each of the personnel recovery tasks with only a fraction of the manpower, saving time, money and lives. (U.S. Air Force photo/Senior Airman Brandon Forshaw)

Florida PJs aid with Alaska rescues
Each year countless hikers and rock climbers seek to conquer the peaks of Alaska's wilderness, most enjoying the hike as planned, but for some that day hike turns into a life and death situation. Thankfully for those unfortunate few, there are teams of individuals that risk life and limb to rescue complete strangers. Air Force Reserve pararescuemen
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U.S. Airmen from the 920th Rescue Wing, Patrick Air Force Base, Fla., exercise in Key West, Fla., during the winter months to enhance their maritime rescue skills. Royal Canadian Airmen from the 435 Transport and Rescue Squadron, 17 Wing, Winnipeg, Canada, also participated in the exercise. Both countries' rescue forces must face perilous conditions at times therefore training is conducted often. (U.S. Air Force photo/Senior Airman Anton Levin)   Winter showcases a season of U.S., Canadian rescue games
The Florida Straits served as maritime battlefields this winter for U.S. and Canadian rescue forces to sharpen their life-saving skills in a series of competitions designed to defeat a common enemy - the perils of rescue.To view a slideshow of the exercise, click here.While human and mechanical errors can cost those who specialize in rescue their
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Air National Guard pararescueman Tech. Sgt. Jeremy Maddamma, 212th Rescue Squadron, Joint Base Elmendor-Richardson, Alaska; Air Force Reserve pararescueman Tech. Sgt. Dan Warren, 308th Rescue Squadron, Patrick Air Force Base, Fla.; and ANG pararescueman Master Sgt. Brendon Steumke, 212th RQS, JBER, pose for a photo Feb. 9 after Warren and Maddamma were part of a rescue team that spent the night fighting a blizzard to rescue an Alaskan Native in dire need of emergency medical treatment in the remote village of Red Devil, Alaska. (Courtesy photo) Airmen save man's life in remote Alaskan village during blizzard
Snowflakes stung like needles when Guardian Angel Airmen skydived blind at night into a blizzard from 30,000 feet. A young Native American in a remote Alaskan village was suffering from a life-threatening infection, and these men were sent to save his life.Ryan Morgan, 20, was deteriorating as fast as the weather blocking Alaskan state rescue
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Air Force Reservist Tech. Sgt. Francine Torres (left) and her visually impaired 17-year-old daughter, Jasmine Polite (right), attended a free military-sponsored mountain adventure camp for military teens with physical disabilities in New Hampshire. Along with a dozen other kids from across the U.S., The Torres duo enjoyed many winter activities and adventures they normally wouldn't do to include dog sledding, snow tubing, ice skating and downhill skiing. Torres is an knowledge operations manager with the 920th Rescue Wing, Patrick Air Force Base, Fla. (Courtesy photo) Mother-daughter mountain adventure helps visually impaired teen see possibilities
Air Force Reservist and married mother of three, Tech. Sgt. Francine Torres doesn't think twice about her two-hour daily commute to work each way.In fact, she chooses to live 100 miles away from her job so her visually impaired 17-year-old daughter, Jasmyn Polite, can attend the Florida School for the Deaf and the Blind in St. Augustine, Fla. "I
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Medical Airmen from the 920th Aeromedical Staging Squadron practice their teambuilding skills while lifting a patient dummy and all of its life-support equipment during a mass casualty exercise, Jan 13 at Patrick Air Force Base, Fla. The Airmen are preparing for future deployments in support of the war effort when they will have to lift patients who've been wounded in battle, such as Marines and all of their gear weighing upwards of 300-500 lbs. (U.S. Air Force photo/Capt. Cathleen Snow) Mass casualty exercise prepares medical Airmen for heavy duty, war
When they signed up to be Air Force medics, the members of the 920th Aeromedical Staging Squadron (ASTS) knew they would be working hard, but probably never imagined they'd have to lift 500 pounds over their heads with perfect balance, but they do.A mass casualty exercise here was the finale to a week of home-station annual training held January
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Master Sgt. Ruby Zarzyczny, 306th Rescue Squadron first sergeant, (third from right) and Mr. Ben Buehler-Garcia (right side) walk the streets of Tucson Ariz. as outreach counselors for the national volunteer organization Stand Up For Kids. The group hands out hygiene items to homeless children in Tucson Ariz. They also provide information on the resources available to homeless children to help get them off the streets. (Courtesy Photo) Rescue group first sergeant takes a stand against youth homelessness
The temperate winter conditions in southern Arizona draws in visitors from all over the U.S. who want a brief escape from severe winter weather; unfortunately, most homeless teens make the migration here to escape the cold during the winter months.To help combat the struggles of youth homelessness in Tucson, Master Sgt. Ruby Zarzyczny, first
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PATRICK AIR FORCE BASE, Fla. - Staff Sgt. Stacie Greer, aircrew flght equipment specialist, 920th Operations Support Squadron, puts on a smoke mask to test it following an aircrews' performance during the Cocoa Beach Air Show Nov. 4-5. AFE specialists are required to test and check all life support equipment before and after each flight. (U.S. Air Force Photo/Capt. Ryan Liss) Aircrew flight equipment specialists keep Air Force operators safe
Whether it's an air show, deployment, or high school tour, the tempo and the mission does not change for the 920th Rescue Wing Aircrew Flight Equipment (AFE) Specialists with the 920th Rescue Wing here. The reservists are responsible for ensuring the pilots, aircrew and the pararescumen have all the necessary equipment to perform during any and all
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Default Air Force Logo The nuts and bolts of combat search and rescue
In NASCAR, the drivers who win races get all the glory, while the team behind them fine tuning their cars for optimal performance, sometimes go unnoticed. It's no different in the 920th Rescue Wing. Behind the pilots is a team that works to ensure its combat search and rescue (CSAR) aircraft perform optimally in a race against the clock to save
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