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  • General presents two bronze stars to Reserve Citizen Airman

    PATRICK AIR FORCE BASE, Fla.-- The Air Force Space Command and Joint Force Space Component Commander Gen. John W. “Jay” Raymond, presented two bronze star medals, including one with valor, to a Reserve Citizen Airman from the 308th Rescue Squadron on June 14, 2019. Tech. Sgt. Nick Torres, a 308th RQS Pararescueman, was bestowed with the awards for
  • July History Minute

    Fourteen years ago this month, four Navy SEALS dropped from a helicopter into the mountains of Afghanistannear the Pakistan border. Their mission — dubbed Operation Red Wings — was to capture or kill a notoriousmilitia fighter believed to be hiding in the region.But the team came under attack shortly afterward, and three of the men were killed.
  • Bittersweet: 306th Rescue Squadron Deploys from Davis-Monthan AFB

    "You’ve got 14 minutes left to say goodbye to your family, if you don’t have any one here you can go inside." The words hang in the hot and arid afternoon.Days earlier, the 306th Rescue Squadron got together to say goodbye as this team headed out for deployment. The time for ceremonial goodbyes has been completed, these are the last few minutes
  • Master resilience trainers enhance wellness

    Resilience is the capacity to recover from life’s difficulties; the ability to be knocked down by life and come back as strong as before. Some people come by it naturally, succeeding despite incredibly difficult circumstances.Even if someone doesn’t come by it as natural as other people, the good news is that resilience can be learned, said Chief
  • Top 5 ways not to hear “I’m bored” this summer and encourage learning

    School may be out for the summer but that does not mean learning needs to stop. Continuing to engage in fun learning activities helps students retain information they learned during the past school year, and parents can enjoy getting involved in the learning process as well. Here are a few ideas for individual and family activities: Encourage 20
  • Share Your Adventure: help the Reserve team grow through testimony

    The peer referral program is the lead source generator for AFRC RS with one of four people referred by current Reservists joining the Air Force Reserve and is replacing the command’s Get1Now campaign. As manning levels continue to increase for AFRC and other branches of service and the nation’s economy continues to be strong, Share Your Adventure is a vital program to help recruiters gather quality leads and assure AFRC has the manning it needs to excel in its mission to fly, fight and win.
  • June History Minute

    The 920th Rescue Wing, previously called the 301st Air Rescue and Recovery Squadron flew a humanitarian mission to MEDEVAC a premature infant in need of emergency medical care to a hospital in Georgia at the direction of the White House on June 28, 1981. The unit was ready to provide support before even receiving clearance to perform the mission. A 301st ARRS HC-130 crew flew Stephanie Marie McElrath to Augusta, Georgia from Homestead AFB.
  • MEDBEACH 2019

    When disaster strikes, mass casualties are a chaotic scene; where stabilizing wounds, categorizing patients based on critical injuries and ensuring transport to the next level of care become increasingly vital as every second ticks. A scene which Reserve Citizen Airmen of the 920th Rescue Wing train for regularly.As an integral component of the
  • June Angel's Wings online

    The June Angel's Wings Newsletter is now available online. For a look at what Rescue Warriors are up to, there are plenty of stories about their latest exploits. Content ranges from imagery of the recent medical exercise our Airmen participated in at Patrick Air Force Base, to a field exercise that our security forces Airmen participated in off
  • 920th Rescue Wing hands off Power and Vigilance Award

    As the 2018 Winners of the Power & Vigilance Award, the 920th Rescue Wing handed off the award to the 2019 winners, the 926th Wing. Its leadership celebrate alongside Tenth Air Force senior leaders and representatives from the Air Power Council as they receive the Power and Vigilance Award on May 7, 2019, at Naval Air Station Fort Worth Joint Reserve Base, Texas. The award is presented to the 10 AF unit that best exhibits the Numbered Air Force's vision, which is to be the premier provider of affordable, integrated, flexible and mission-ready Reserve Citizen Airmen to execute power and vigilance in support of U.S. National Security. (U.S. Air Force photo by Ms. Melissa Harvey)