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PATRICK AIR FORCE BASE, Fla.- Pararescuemen from the 920th Rescue Wing here pose with Chaplain (Col.) Bill Willis, Air Force Reserve Command Chaplain, as a HH-60G Pave Hawk helicopter flies by. "This is a great way to pump up their enthusiasm which will hopefully carry them through their seminary training, until they can reappoint as a chaplain," said Willis in regards to the tour the 920th RQW hosted Aug. 11 and 12. The primary mission of the HH-60G Pave Hawk helicopter is to conduct day or night personnel recovery operations into hostile environments to recover isolated personnel during war. (U.S. Air Force photo/Airman 1st Class Natasha Dowridge) Future chaplains get pararescue fit to fight
Being an Airmen in a combat-search-and-rescue wing, there's a high demand for physical, mental, moral and spiritual readiness at a moment's notice.The job demands persistent visits to the gym, while the mental, moral and spiritual aspect may be harder to come by. To meet this need, Air Force Reserve Command spiritual leaders, known as chaplains,
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Staff Sgt. Candice Megginson, 943rd MSF knowledge operations technician processes orders for 943rd Rescue Group Airmen so the rescue group can perform its mission. 943rd RQG knowledge operators ensure key information products get passed on to all Airmen within the group. (U.S. Air Force photo/ Tech. Sgt. Luke Johnson) Knowledge operators keep the information flowing
Properly handling a variety of information is an essential key to any successful military unit, and the knowledge operations managers with the 943rd Rescue Group here ensure all of the unit guidance and necessary information products get passed on to all Airmen within the group.The tasking knowledge operators are required to perform within the
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Default Air Force Logo Former reserve pararescue honors fallen SEAL
What started off as a silent tribute to Medal of Honor recipient and Navy SEAL, Lt. Michael Murphy, and those who were killed during Operation Redwing six years ago, has turned into an annual nationwide Memorial Day event that involves a demanding workout. Initiated by Special Operations Airman turned flight surgeon with the 943rd Rescue Group
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Command Chief Master Sergeant Gerald Delebreau is responsible for the welfare and moral of approximately 1,500 rescue reservist's at the 920th Rescue Wing here. However, the chief is currently taking on new challenges not only for himself, but for Air Force Reserve Command. He deployed this week as the first Reservist to serve as a command chief in the U.S. Central Command's 27-country area of responsibility. "It's humbling, and it's a great honor not only to represent AFRC, but also to be a representative for the 920th," Chief Delebreau said. "It's a good feeling."  (U.S. Air Force Photo/Tech. Sgt Jeremy Allen) Rescue Reservist to be first to represent AFRC as deployed command chief
Chief Master Sgt. Gerald Delebreau is a busy man. As the command chief for the Air Force Reserve's 920th Rescue Wing here, he dedicates his time to addressing the needs of his Airmen and serving as the wing commander's advisor on the morale, health and welfare of the force. In a wing of nearly 1,500 servicemembers, he faces some challenges in his
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Helicopter pilot Lt. Col. Paul Nevius, critical care nurse Navy Lt. j.g. Rachel Engler and co-pilot Capt. Brough McDonald took part in the battlefield medical evacuation mission that garnered the Thomas E. Marchbanks award for valor at this year's Reserve Officers Association convention. While evacuating several injured Soldiers and rearming special forces troops on the ground, the HH-60 helicopter crew was drawn into the fight. The crew maneuvered their aircraft to protect the special operations team, eliminated eight Taliban fighters including three high-value targets, and forced the retreat of over 30 insurgents. (U.S. Air Force photo by Tech. Sgt. Heather Kelly) Rescue Under Fire: Air Force Reserve rescue crew recognized for battlefield heroics
At a convention center in Central Florida, a collection of blue service uniforms is scattered throughout a banquet hall. A mixture of laughter and light table chatter can be heard above the sound of silverware clattering as servers bring out the main course. Just a few miles away, thousands of families and tourists are taking in all the cartoon
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