If you're interested in becoming an Air Force Reserve Pararescumen, contact one of the following recruiters:

304th Rescue Squadron
4000 SE 82nd Ave Eastport Plaza
Portland, OR 97266
Commercial: (503) 772-8070

306th Rescue Squadron
1325 N Wilmot Street
Tucson, AZ 85712
Commercial: (520) 298-2322

308th Rescue Squadron
Patrick Air Force Base In-Service Recruiter/Pararescuemen Recruiter
620 O'Malley Dr.
Patrick Air Force Base, Fla. 32925
Commercial: (321) 494-1962; DSN 854-1962 
FAX: (321) 494-1235

308th Rescue Squadron

A pararescueman (PJ) is a part of the Air Force's Special Operations, or Battlefield Airmen. The PJ is a combat ready rescue and recovery specialist, who supports Air Force and special operations combat search and rescue/personnel recovery. He is a precision parachutist capable of penetrating hostile areas to aid survivors. He can parachute fully scuba-equipped, giving him a unique rescue capability. His parachuting skills include providing specialized aerospace rescue and recovery support for NASA's Space Shuttle flights. He is certified as a scuba diver and skilled in surface water operations using both scuba and amphibious procedures. He is trained as a combat medic with certification to the Emergency Medical Technician Paramedic (EMT P). With his in-depth knowledge of emergency medical treatment, he can perform emergency medical procedures in the field to correct life-threatening conditions. Training in survival methods enables the PJ to provide for the survival of others, including escape and evasion in hostile areas. The PJ is an expert with maps and compasses, capable of overland travel in any environment, and therefore trained in rappelling, skiing, snowmobiling and motorcycling. He will develop skills in mountain and Arctic regions. The PJ's job is to save lives. Pararescue is a very physically, mentally and technically demanding job, one of the best and most prestigious the Air Force has to offer. For training that transfers exceptionally well to the civilian market, an adventurous mission and an exciting lifestyle, this job is it. Prior to being accepted you must successfully complete the Physical Ability Stamina Test (P.A.S.T.)

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P.A.S.T. in your future?

The PAST requirements are designed to test for a minimum fitness level for entry into the PJ training pipeline. PJ candidates should continue to train throughout their recruiting process to exceed these minimums in order to enhance their chances of success. The PAST results will be recorded on an "Evaluation Worksheet" and maintained at the 308th RQS. Candidates are
encouraged to complete the test in its entirety to determine weak/strong points in his physical condition. This test is comprised of seven events; the candidate must pass every event. Failure of any event will result in the overall failure of the PAST.

Below are several documents to help prepare you for your experience with the Pararescue (PJ)Physical Ability Stamina Test (PAST)