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A Message from the Commander, 920th Rescue Wing

920th Rescue Wing Unit Shield

920th Rescue Wing Unit Shield



I write you today a letter of encouragement, of hope, and belief.

Our wing is enveloped in a worldwide response against a threat to our way of life.  Many of those in our nation are at a point where they feel self-preservation is more advantageous than collective support.  Others are paralyzed by hysteria, fear, and wait for someone in a position of authority to tell them the answer that will make everything better.

You are different.  You have trained for this since the day you enlisted or commissioned.

- to lead when others flee
- to be calm when others panic
- to take initiative when others wait

These character qualities set you and every member of our military apart.  You are the less than 1% of Americans who volunteer and say, ‘send me’ when chaos rules and fear consumes the less trained and disciplined. 

We are asked to lead and adapt every day, to achieve seemingly impossible objectives where we –

- never have all the information
- never have the necessary resources
- never have adequate manpower
- never have enough money

Yet we continue on.  Our ‘never quit’ approach sets us apart from competitors – whether militaries of the world, natural disasters, or pandemic response.

The uncertainty is shared by us all, but we will not let it consume us. 

As updates are sent from our higher headquarters, your commanders will provide assessments and guidance.  Be patient.  Our goal is to analyze and verify information received and disseminate it to you as accurately as possible…the first time.  As in war, hasty actions and decisions absent of logic are not helpful – we train like we fight. 

Pray for our world, our nation, our wing.  That others may live.


Commander, 920th Rescue Wing