920th Rescue Wing flight chief essential to developing new Airmen

  • Published
  • By Staff Sgt. Darius Sostre-Miroir, 920th Rescue Wing Public Affairs
  • 920th Rescue Wing

As newly-enlisted Airmen leave for basic military training (BMT) they have many things to prepare for. This includes both mental and physical preparation for the challenging eight weeks they will have ahead of them. Guiding this next generation in preparation for BMT, the 920th Rescue Wing Development and Training Flight plays a significant role in the foundation of that development.

Master Sgt. Floyd Gordon, 920th RQW Development and Training Flight chief, leads newly enlisted, non-prior service members in an entry level program where they are assigned monthly duties and lessons to prepare them for basic military training and technical school.

“Helping newly-enlisted Airmen enhance their skill levels and making sure they can get through this training regimen will give them the ability to progress and develop in their careers so they can be great assets to the Air Force,” said Gordon.

The program has been aiding newly-enlisted Airmen for 12 years. It works as a bridge to transition from civilian to military life and acclimates the newly enlisted members; showing them what their commitment to the military means and preparing them for duty.

Throughout the program members are introduced to what their military experience will be. They are introduced to, and become familiar with, the basics of dress, drills, and ceremony procedures as well as physical fitness expectations. They are also taught the basics they will need at BMT including the Airmen’s Creed, the Air Force song, core values, chain of command, and rank structure.

During training they are required to report at the same time as the rest of the wing. They then proceed to physical fitness and spend a part of the day listening to speakers who share tips and information on their careers. They also participate in work center orientation sessions with the squadrons they will be a part of after BMT and technical school.

Gordon conducts the program with a high level of efficiency and care in order to prepare these trainees. He stays in constant contact with newly enlisted members even when they are not in a drill status  providing important information and opportunities for networking, this guidance ensures that the Airmen are ready for their next step.    

“We have an open door policy and each UTA various wing personnel, both enlisted and officers, are invited to come and talk with the trainees about their personal careers. I like to expose them to as much information as possible to help make them more successful,” said Gordon.

Since Gordon became the flight chief, 14 Airmen who went through the wing’s development and training program went on to become honor graduates of BMT. Being an honor graduate is the highest award an Airmen can achieve during BMT, which showcases high efficiency in skill, leadership, and following military procedures.   

Every year more than 90 Airmen go through this program and on to complete BMT. The majority of them return to the 920th RQW as their permanent assignment in the Air Force.