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920th Force Support Squadron

The 920th Rescue Wing Force Support Squadron contributes to the Air Force mission through programs that support overall military readiness and enhances quality of life for Air Force members and families. The FSS serves active and reserve military members, Department of Defense civilians, and military retirees.

To support combat deployment readiness, promote healthy lifestyles, advance personnel with increasing education and training opportunities, and provide for the general welfare of our customers, both internal and external, by offering a variety of quality services that improve the productivity of all 920th RQW personnel.

To expand the level of customer service opportunities by providing exceptional customer driven programs and services that meet the constantly changing needs of the 920th RQW community.

Force Support Development Education -- Wing Education and Training

Our Mission is to Provide Superior Education and Training Support to the Men and Women of the 920th Rescue Wing.

Our Vision is to work smarter, not harder.  We aim to innovate better ways to accomplish our mission, to mentor our rising airman, and to train our wing beyond mission capable.

To reach a specific work center call one of the desired phone numbers listed or send an email to our Office Workflow Mailbox:  920FSS.FSDE@us.af.mil.

Chief, Education & Training: 321-494-8515
Assistant Chief, Education & Training: 321-494-0528
Education and Training Counselor: 321-494-8514

Organization Workflow E-mail Mailbox:

We are here for you! Please feel free to submit any request and questions that you may have to our Organizational Workflow Group Mailbox: 920FSS.FSDE@us.af.mil.


Tuition Assistance
Community College of the Air Force (CCAF) Counseling
Testing Services
GI Bill Benefit Information – Benefits applications and VA Contact
Civilian Developmental Education (CDE)

920 FSS/FSDE SharePoint:
For more information please visit the SharePoint.


Testing is available by appointment only. To schedule CDC testing contact your Unit and Additional Duty Training Manager(s).  PME Testing should be coordinated/scheduled through your UTM first, if the UTM is unavailable you can contact Wing Education and Training. Testing days are set for Tuesdays at 1300 pm and Saturday/Sunday of the Primary UTA’s at 0800. Testing Location is: 1225 Jupiter Ave, Bldg 425, Room F2-1 (2nd Floor-NW Side), Patrick AFB, FL 32925.


These forms of tests are offered "monthly". To schedule any of these types of exams, please contact the Patrick AFB Test Examiner(s) at 321-494-8515/0528; (DSN 854) or send an email to the Office Workflow Mailbox:  920FSS.FSDE@us.af.mil.

  • AFCT: Armed Forces Classification Test: Evaluates airmen in the same four aptitude areas as the ASVAB (i.e., the MAGE composites). These aptitude areas relate to training success in particular groups of AFSs. Minimum scores are required for entry into certain AFSs that indicate the likelihood of training success in the AFS (this test is for those that have already taken the ASVAB and have entered the US military).
  • AFOQT: Air Force Officer Qualifying Test: Used to help select candidates for officer commissioning programs and to classify commissioned officers into utilization specialties such as pilot, combat system operator (CSO), air battle manager (ABM) or technical.
  • DLPT: Defense Language Proficiency Test: Serves to evaluate the ability to understand written and/or spoken material presented in a foreign language format.

COMMUNITY COLLEGE OF THE AIR FORCE (CCAF) - Process for Ordering Transcripts

CCAFS Transcript home page and instructions

Ordering Options

CCAF provides several options for ordering your official transcript as detailed below. Note we do not have the ability to send transcripts electronically at this time. All official transcripts are hard copy.


You may order an official transcript, printed and mailed to the address of your choice, using CCAF's transcript order form. Keep this processing time in mind if you have a deadline for enrollment, registration, job application, etc. If you are on a deadline you may consider paying for delivery via FedEx using the Credentials Solutions option.

  • Log into the AF Portal and further to AFVEC (Air Force Virtual Education Center (must login from .mil computer) AFVEC
  • Under Self Service, click "CCAF View Progress Report"
  • In the "Transcripts" drop down click "Order a Transcript"
  • Option 2: Free written request to CCAF

Written requests are processed in the order they are received. A written request is typically processed 10-15 days after we receive it. Please use the CCAF Transcript Ordering Form (link below); ensure you fill out all of the fields and sign with your physical signature. Digital signatures are not sufficient, nor do we accept requests via email. Incomplete or illegible requests will not be processed. Mail Transcript Request

  • Option 3: First Class Mail and Overnight order through Credentials Solutions

(Please do not send any money to CCAF!)

This third party company handles our online ordering. You can order through their site at any time and can select delivery via first class mail or Federal Express service. The first class mail option starts at $2.25 and FedEx at $22.25. Tracking numbers are only offered when using the FedEx service. IMPORTANT NOTE: These fees are not covered by the Air Force. Once your order is approved through Credentials, it is transmitted to CCAF electronically. Our staff will print and mail your transcripts. If you are experiencing issues after your order is approved through Credentials, please contact us directly at the numbers listed below.

If you need to include an attachment with your transcript (NursingCAS, SOPHAS, CASPA, AMCAS, LSAC, etc.); you will be asked to fax the attachment to our office after approval of your order through Credentials. Order from Credentials Solutions

  • Option 4: View unofficial transcript

To view an unofficial transcript (available for Active Duty/Guard/Reserve only):

1. Access the Air Force Virtual Education Center through the Air Force Portal

2. Under the Self Service section select CCAF View Progress Report

3. In the Student Tools banner select "View My Unofficial Transcript" **Must be accessed from military network to view

Sending a civilian transcript to CCAF

CCAF accepts electronic transcripts sent directly from schools that subscribe to an electronic transcript delivery network. CCAF will not accept transcripts marked "Issued to Student" or faxed/ unofficial copies. Additionally, transcripts are NOT acceptable from students, counselors, recruiters, or any other third party.

CCAF also accepts paper transcripts from schools. CCAF will not accept paper transcripts marked "Issued to Student" or faxed/ unofficial copies. Paper transcripts should be mailed by the schools to the following address:


100 South Turner Blvd.

Maxwell AFB, Gunter-Annex, AL 36114-3011

Questions regarding the above procedures can be directed to CCAF Student Services at (334) 649-5066 or DSN 749-5066.


Officers: IAWAFI 36-2305, AFIT updates your education levels. Education Centers no longer offer this service. Send your official transcript from your academic institution to the address below:

AFT Academic Coding Branch
2950 Hobson Way
Wright-Patterson AFB, OH 45433-7765
AFIT Phone: (937) 255-6565, Ext 4324

Enlisted: IAWAF 36-2306, member must request one of the following from their college/university and provide the following to the Education Center:

1. An official transcript that includes your degree conferred date, degree level and degree title. An official transcript must be mailed directly to the education office from your college or hand-delivered to the education office in the original sealed envelope. Your college can mail the official transcript to the following address: 920 FSS/FSDE: 1225 Jupiter Ave, Bldg 425, Patrick AFB, FL 32925

2. Notification of degree completion on official school letterhead from your college registrar's office stating your full name, SSN, degree level and degree.

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