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  • 920th ASTS member makes a difference in Southern Philippines

    On the southern island of Jolo, Philippines five members of the U.S. Air Force operated a fully-equipped trauma center, providing emergency care, basic medical care and educational services to hundreds of Filipino and U.S. troops from July 23 to December 29, 2009.The Air Force members comprise the

  • The P.A.S.T is the start of a future

    "Don't quit."That's the motto here for the pre-Indoctrination Course Air Force Reserve Pararescuemen (PJs) and Combat Rescue Officers (CROs) at the 920th Rescue Wing Patrick Air Force Base, Fla. In fact, that statement will follow these men throughout their two-year training program - the Pipeline

  • Way up North comes way down South

    Every year a select group of Canadians find themselves in a direct competition with Americans. Borders are crossed, traditions are continued, skills are tested, camaraderie is established and it is all in the name of Search and Rescue, and in this case, it was called just that - a Search and Rescue

  • The Rescue professionals are called upon again

    The Air Force Reserve Pararescuemen from the 304th Rescue Squadron stationed on the Oregon Air National Guard Base in Portland, Ore., were called to duty on Sunday afternoon to help with the search for three missing climbers.Two teams of Pararescuemen, also known as PJs, jumped to action, grabbed

  • Rescue Reservists keep the launches safe and secure

    The 920th Rescue Wing Reservists supported the successful launch of a new-generation military communications satellite from here yesterday at 8:47 p.m. (EST), when a Delta IV rocket carried a Wideband Global SATCOM (WGS) into space. WGS satellites are designed to provide high-capacity communications

  • More than one way to say, "Good bye!"

    Good bye! Adios! Farewell! Adieu! Bye bye! Hasta la vista! There are many way of saying good bye to a good friend, a co-worker or a boss, and hopefully it's meaningful and enjoyable - and complete with cake and fruit punch. Here at the 920th Rescue Wing, things are done a bit differently. There is

  • Another perfect launch with the rescue professionals standing by

    Air Force Reservists from the 920th Rescue Wing here supported NASA's successful launch of Space Shuttle Atlantis yesterday. The launch occurred at 2:28 p.m. (EST) from Space Launch Complex 39A at Kennedy Space Center.Mission STS-129 marks the 31st flight of a shuttle to the International Space

  • Helicopter pilot takes command of 920th Operations Group

    Colonel Christopher P. Hannon assumed command of the 920th Rescue Wing Operations Group yesterday. The Operations Group falls under the 920th Rescue Wing which is a combat search and rescue unit dedicated to rescuing downed Airmen behind enemy lives, civilians in distress and providing rescue

  • Pushin' up the Air Force physical fitness hour at a time.

    Think - ten minutes till the hour, every hour, every day - push-ups. Sounds fun, right? The crew at the 920th Aeromedical Staging Squadron have been participating in an internal program, Push-up Pals Club (or PPC), since May and have found ways to make it fun...even if it means ribbing their