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Complaints Resolution

Experience has shown supervisors and commanders are the people best equipped to resolve your complaints. Therefore, you are encouraged to discuss your problems with your supervisor or commander before coming to the Inspector General (IG).

However, if your complaint centers on the chain of command or would otherwise be best handled by an impartial agency, the Air Force has a well established complaints program administered by the IG.

You can go to an IG at any level. No one may deny you access to the IG, and no one may retaliate against you just because you complained to the IG.


FRAUD is any deception designed to unlawfully deprive the Air Force of something of value.

WASTE is the extravagant, careless, or needless expenditure of Air Force Funds or the consumption of Air Force property.

ABUSE is the intentionally wrongful or improper use of Air Force resources.

Report suspected Fraud, Waste or Abuse to your leadership or call one of the hotlines below.

DoD 24-Hour Hotline: 800-424-9098
Air Force FWA Hotline: 800-538-8429
AFRC FWA Hotline: 800-223-1784 ext. 71513

920th IG Contact Info

Maj. Sabrina Ura, 920th RQW IG
Bld.425/Room 1-10A, First Floor
Phone: (321) 494-5182
DSN: 854-5182