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Wing Safety Office

The 920th Rescue Wing Safety office’s mission is to implement proactive mishap prevention programs to protect people, equipment, and combat capability. Their activities include assessing unit safety programs, disseminating safety information, inspecting facilities, tracking trends, and providing safety expertise. When mishaps do occur, Safety is the focal point for mishap reporting, investigation and trend analysis.

Safety is composed of three divisions: Flight Safety, Weapons Safety and Occupational Safety. Flight Safety ensures safe flying operations for the wing's assigned aircraft and for transient aircraft. Weapons Safety is responsible for all safety issues involving the use, storage, and transportation of explosive materials. Occupational Safety is responsible for the safety, both on and off duty, of the entire base populace, including military members, civilian employees, and dependents. Occupational Safety's responsibilities include workplace safety, traffic safety, and recreational safety. Additionally, Occupational Safety provides training to supervisors and unit safety representatives.

The 920th RQW Safety office is dedicated to strengthening the wing's safety culture. If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact the office at (321) 494-3219.